Moosehead Lake Yacht Club


We live near and around one of the finest bodies of water in America in terms of size and beauty and it bodes well for us to take as much advantage of this opportunity as possible, even to the extent of forming sturdy ties to other boating groups in Maine and nearby states.

This message is therefore intended to announce the formation of a Boating Committee (aka Boaters) within the Club that will take the lead from offering help on boat issues (engines and trailers) to having raft-ups and over-night excursions to rescuing one another off the Lake to having seminars on boat maintenance, boat building, and boating history, among many other topics. 

In some ways we hope to foster a group of Boat Enthusiasts in the fashion of what our Hikers and Paddlers have done.


Bruce Marsh, for

Bob Bartlett, John Lentz, Sam Cook, Mark Taylor,

John Limmer, Mike Holmes, Jerry Nutt, Tarun Johns, Pete Whitin.